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JalitePhotoluminescent Safety Signs Jalite AAA


Escape Route

Exit & Fire Exit
Mobility Impaired
International Way Guidance

Emergency Door Operations
Assembley Area


Stairway & Floor Management

Stairway & Floor Identification
Stair Tread Markers
Low Location Lighting System
310 Photoluminescent Paint


Floor Way Guidance

Floor Mounted Signs
Floor Disc Markers
Path Marking System
Edge Markers
SFE Photoluminescent Paint

Means of Escape Signing

JALITE means of escape signs can be used to create complete
emergency wayfinding guidance systems that can be easily
followed when evacuating a building.

These emergency wayfinding guidance systems provide visual
communication to occupants concerning the location and
direction of escape paths leading to a designated Fire Exit / Exit.



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PSPA Marine Equipment Directive IMO  

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